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Robin Ruth is an International casual lifestyle brand for the free-spirited traveler. Founded in 2002, Robin Ruth has become one of the leading suppliers of memorable fashion worldwide, and is now represented in every major city in the world. Look out for us at your favorite department store, museum, zoo, airport, boutique and many other iconic destinations.

We recognized that life is about a collection of experiences and memories, and we encourage you to wear and share your story! Robin Ruth started as a bond between father and daughter, and is now the largest supplier of mementos to travelers around the world. We turned a thirst for travel and culture into products that celebrate each journey.

As the main representative of Robin Ruth brand in Thailand we are looking for partners in Bangkok, Samui, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Krabi and other regions.



We provide:

1. An opportunity to use Robin Ruth brand name and logo in your region.

2. Set up your shop

- displays for the product (wood and iron displays and boxes with Robin Ruth name and logo)

- display for magnets and keychains

- hooks, rods, and hangers.

- round plastic or wood display for sunglasses

- wood displays for bracelets

3. POS with installation and software system.

4. Product: bags, caps and hats, flip-flops, t-shirts, swim trunks, towels, sunglasses, mugs, coin pouch and wallets, magnets and keychains, braсelets, necklaces.

The product will be provided from various collections of Robin Ruth as Thailand, Phuket, Samui, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, New York, and London.

5. Staff training.

6. Information support, providing online catalogs from the main office.


1. Independent businness in particular region.

2. Self-selection of business partners in a particular region and ability to conclude agreements with consignment or wholesale clients.

3. We can hand over to you our existing consignment partners in your region.

4. Selling souvenir or other types of goods in your shops outside the Robin Ruth brand.

5. Making orders of goods from Robin Ruth catalogs.

6. An opportunity to order customized products and own design.

Payback period: 8-16 months

Royalties: 0

Franchise Fee: 700,000 THB

New product orders: on request

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